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Bamboo plywood things

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Bamboo plywood is a popular product in the construction formwork industry. It has a wide range of uses. Engineering buildings, cabin floors, household plates, etc. can all see its existence. Today, we will talk about bamboo plywood.

Bamboo plywood is made of bamboo material as the main structure and filling material, and is made of high-pressure slabs. Because of its large size, high strength, waterproof, wear-resistant, smooth surface, easy mold release, fast mold removal, high repetitive use rate, and compression resistance, bamboo glue board templates have replaced steel templates in many areas of use, and because of the In the implementation of the natural forest policy, a large number of trees are forbidden to be felled, and bamboo has a rapid growth rate. It can be molded in 3-5 years and is a better material to replace wood. Therefore, many original wood plywood manufacturers may convert bamboo plywood. . In addition, the policies of the Ministry of Forestry support the development of artificial boards using bamboo as the main processing material. This has replaced the use of wood panels in many places and has become an indispensable building material for construction projects.

Bamboo plywood formwork is also used in a wide range of applications. It is very suitable for horizontal formworks, shear walls, vertical wall plates, viaducts, flyovers, dams, tunnels, and beam-column formwork. It is also widely used in various containers, crates, and automobiles. Train floor, home floor, interior ceiling, door panels, furniture, etc. In addition to the full bamboo carriage floor, the bamboo floor cabin floor is also a very wide application area.

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