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How is the quality of bamboo flooring? What is the price of bamboo flooring?

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Relatively speaking, the quality of bamboo flooring is still good, and the price is relatively cheap, compared to solid wood flooring is much cheaper, bamboo flooring is the beginning of the rise in recent years, the main reason is that the price of solid wood goes up day by day. Bamboo flooring materials can be supplied domestically without import. But bamboo flooring has its drawbacks. He is a piece of bamboo cut into pieces. In the production process, glue is used to fight pressure. Everybody knows that the best glue is also toxic. Even if there is no better bamboo flooring, there is a certain amount of toluene released.
Bamboo flooring has a relatively long life span of a few years. Generally speaking, there is no problem with 20-25 years of good protection. A good solid wood floor is 15-20 years old (if it is a kind of mixed wood, it's definitely only a few Year). Let's talk about some differences of bamboo flooring: From the price point of view, the prices of medium to high-grade solid wood flooring are higher than those of bamboo flooring, and the wood floors of miscellaneous wood are also cheaper than 100 yuan and a flat. At present, counterfeit goods are rampant in the wooden floor market. There are many kinds of veneer and all kinds of muck posing. If you don't understand it well, buy it carefully. From a practical perspective, the service life of wood floors is generally about 15 years (better), bamboo flooring 20-25 years (except small manufacturers, except for inferior products) It should be said that bamboo flooring is more durable than wood flooring, and the color difference of bamboo flooring It is also much smaller than wood floors. To maintain the wood floor is more troublesome, any floor is moisture-proof and non-waterproof, it is best to wring out the water. Floors contain formaldehyde, just how much the problem, bamboo floor, wooden floor formaldehyde content is significantly lower than the composite floor, is a super environmental protection range. Cracking of the floor is mainly a problem of moisture content. Before 2000, bamboo flooring would have this problem. It has been solved and can be used with confidence.

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