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Bamboo Mosaic

bamboo mosaic is a new replacement for stone, ceramics, glass and metal materials, expanding the use of mosaic into more fields.
Bamboo mosaic is produced from high-quality bamboo in rich color and texture, defatted dry machining, grinding, polishing, anti-corrosion treatment, collage and other refining processes. Bamboo mosaic is elegant, deep and brilliant color, texture, gentle and considerate. Bamboo mosaic is energy saving, new decoration, good dimensional stability, construction and installation of convenience features.
Over the years, the high-level decoration field has been occupied by stone, ceramic, glass, metal mosaic, their rich colors, natural textures, as well as cutting changes resulting association, give unlimited enjoyment of beauty, but the drawback is that they have a common defect; "hard" and "full" and cannot give people the feeling of softness and warmth, cannot be used in many places, such as living room, children's room, senior clubs, ladies places.
Bamboo mosaic uses bamboo as raw material, cutting, skim off the sugar, high-temperature autoclave, made of mesh fabric adhesive processes of a new mosaic.
Bamboo mosaic features:
Bamboo materials bring people soft, warm feeling, really different from the stone, glass and metal which make people feel cold.
Distinctive texture and color of natural bamboo.
Expand the use of bamboo decorative material, better adapted to high humidity and special dry places
Good insulation, energy conservation




Environmental protection
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